Garret Bryl

Garret Bryl

UAS Pilot
City of Joshua, TX Fire Department

Garret Bryl is a USAF Veteran, Aerospace Engineer of 13 years, and a volunteer UAS Pilot for the Joshua Fire Department and Public Safety entities in the surrounding area. Garret has been flying UAS in emergency incidents for 3 years. Garret currently operates UAS under multiple public safety COAs and is a licensed FAA part 107 UAS Pilot as well.


General Class
Integration of Civilian Drone Pilots into Public Safety Agencies

Wayne Baker, Fire Chief, City of Joshua Fire Department

Garret Bryl, UAS Pilot, City of Joshua Fire Department

With experience flying UAS and managing a UAS program in support of the Joshua Fire Department and other public safety entities, Garret Bryl and Chief Wayne Baker will discuss how to approach public safety and UAS. They will explain the best way to show the benefits that UAS will provide to law enforcement, public safety departments, and the community. Each will share his experience to help you navigate the potential roadblocks when planning and managing public safety UAS operations.

Key actionable items:

  • Learn how to prepare for UAS integration into public safety operations.
  • See how best to approach public safety agencies.
  • Understand how to discuss benefits of civilian-piloted UAS programs to public safety agencies.
  • Find out how to get citizen buy-in for public safety UAS programs.
  • Learn best operations practices for public safety agencies.


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